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Another City

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A drenched, middle-aged woman sits down on a blue plastic chair in a room undergoing renovation. Placing a bag of fresh vegetables beside her, she starts to blow-dry her hair. Then she takes the wig off. A young man sings karaoke. Tears stream down his cheeks. The tropical waterfall is a wallpaper mural. And the dance begins. The protagonists in Another City search for opposition and togetherness. A well known Asian pop song unites the protagonists across time and space. In order to really meet, the city is the place that must be urgently abandoned.

Vietnam 2016, 25 min


Pham Ngoc Lan


Minh Chau
Vu Do Quang Minh
Dang Tuan Anh
Khong Viet Bach

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Pham Ngoc Lan