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Mavi bisiklet

Blue Bicycle

Das blaue Fahrrad

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“We have a right to it. We will fight for it if we have to.”

Twelve-year-old Ali’s mother sells the clothes she knits on the streets of a Turkish town, while he himself earns a little money on the side working in a garage when he’s not in school. Ever since his father’s been gone, the family has been struggling to avoid financial ruin. The beautiful blue bicycle that he admires regularly in a shop window on his way home seems far removed from his reality. Ali’s heart belongs to Elif, the school’s head prefect. When she is forced to step down from her office and make way for Hasan, the new kid in class, on the orders of the headmaster, Ali is unable to just accept this undemocratic move. In spite of his family’s precarious situation, Ali and his best friend risk getting expelled in order to fight for justice – and for pretty Elif.

Turkey / Germany 2015, 94 min


Ümit Köreken


Selim Kaya
Eray Kılıçarslan
Bahriye Arın
Katya Shenkova