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Freud und Friends

Freud and Friends

Freud und Freunde

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“Since my early boyhood days I wanted to cross the chaotic frontier of the mind to be able to walk around in other people’s dreams. I had a childish fantasy where I would shrink smaller than a peanut and I could walk through my mother's ear and be a peeping Tom in her dreams.” In the dream laboratory of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Abrantes’ dreams become reality. A machine is created that makes the shrinking process possible. At its core stands a living creature, named after the hero of European Cinema: Bernardo. A baroque journey to the world of id begins. Gabriel Abrantes has the courage and Georg Groddeck would have been thrilled. Film history and all of its world-renowned male heroes undergo a new ascription.

Portugal / Switzerland 2015, 23 min


Gabriel Abrantes


Gabriel Abrantes
Carloto Cotta
Sónia Balacó
Filipa Anika

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