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Born to Dance

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“What happens if they don’t take you, what are your plans, son?” · “They will take me, Dad, they will take me!”

It’s the chance of a lifetime. Maori hip-hop dancer Tu would give anything for a future as a professional dancer. His father wants him to join the military, and dancing seems the only way out. Without telling his own crew from a lower class neighbourhood in South Auckland, he auditions for a place in the legendary K-Crew from the posh North Shore. This uplifting film is driven by rhythm and sheer physical presence, portraying a cultural milieu that has its own conventions, and takes a look behind the scenes of a tough business. Embedded in Parris Goebel’s energetic choreography, Born to Dance tells a story of irrepressible energy, while the intoxicating beats and dance moves freshen up the dance film genre.

New Zealand 2015, 96 min


Tammy Davis


Tia-Taharoa Maipi
Stan Walker
Kherington Payne

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