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Campo a través. Mugaritz, intuyendo un camino.

Off-Road. Mugaritz, Feeling a Way.

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Off-Road. Mugaritz, Feeling a Way is a philosophical and behavioural scientific documentary about the Mugaritz. “Mugaritz” stopped being a restaurant a long time ago. It is a live ecosystem, an environment for the development of projects, the establishment of new ways of doing things, a place where people create something from nothing - and they even serve food. Pep Gatell, artistic director of Catalan theatre company “La Fura dels Baus”, did not have a script for the documentary, just the raw testimonies of the protagonists: a human team that moves in a space that once seemed unimaginable.
Andoni Luis Aduriz dreamed of opening one of the best restaurants in the world. What he has achieved with the multidisciplinary team which shapes “Mugaritz” is far from what he had in mind. Day by day, the team exceeds any of the expectations he had when he first imagined the ideal scenario.

Spain 2015, 69 min


Pep Gatell


Andoni Luis Aduriz
Ramon Perisé
Eli Iglesias
Javier Vergara Forcada

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