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Ein anderer Blick – ein anderes Bild

With few exceptions, filmmaking in 1966 was strictly a man’s world. In both the circle that surrounded the signatories of the Oberhausen Manifesto in the West, and at the DEFA studio in the East, it was de facto male directors who declared an end to “papa’s cinema”. Only a few women, such as directors or screenwriters like Jeanine Meerapfel, Helke Sander, Ula Stöckl and Helga Schütz, succeeded in bringing a woman’s perspective to East and West German films. It was a state of affairs that was apparent in the way women and sex roles were portrayed in the films. Claudia Lenssen will speak with directors Jeanine Meerapfel and Helke Sander, as well as actress Jutta Hoffmann, about the situation of young women filmmakers in the 1960s in East and West, the lack of role models, and the differences in how the sexes were portrayed, as well as discussing the situation of women in the film industry today. Claudia Lenssen will moderate.
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