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Deutschland 1966. Aufbruch/Umbruch

The Retrospective is dedicated to the year 1966, a turning point in German cinema. At the time, change was in the air. In West Germany, auteur filmmakers grappled with the contradictions of the economic miracle; in East Germany young directors questioned life under socialism. But while the West’s “Young German Film” made a mark internationally, in East Germany, in the wake of the 11th plenum of the central committee of the ruling Socialist Unity Party (SED) in December 1965, about half of the films produced at the DEFA state studios intended for theatrical release in 1966 were banned. Thus the parallel renewal in film came to an abrupt end. Four of the authors of the book published to accompany this year’s Retrospective will sit down for a panel discussion on this tumultuous era in German film history and the prospects in East and West – Claudia Lenssen, Klaudia Wick, Bert Rebhandl and Ralf Schenk. Connie Betz will moderate.
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