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TeaTime: Ein Mann mit Erfahrung

TeaTime: A Man of Experience

“I write about the places where culture and nature meet,” says Michael Pollan.“On our plates, on farms, in gardens and buildings.” Since 1991, he has published six books with “Cooking – A Natural History of Transformation” being his latest work. He has been a journalist since 1973, has been writing for the New York Times Magazine since 1995 and teaches journalism at the University of California. For most of his articles and books, Pollan collects first-hand information. He learns hunting, builds a house, gardens and plants genetically modified potatoes (but does not eat them) or relearns how to cook. Pollan takes his readers with him on his research. He writes from a first-person perspective without pushing himself to the fore. The nonchalant, humorous way in which he tackles even controversial issues adds a distinctive flavour to films such as Cooked, In Defense of Food and FOOD, Inc.

Book signing with Michael Pollan after the talk.

2016, 60 min


Michael Pollan


Michael Pollan
Patricia Schäfer