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Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Dec 10, 2014:
It’s Playtime! – Perspektive Deutsches Kino 2015

The first seven films for the 2015 Perspektive Deutsches Kino programme have now been invited. So far they include five full-length fictional features and two shorter ones. “On panels, in blogs and in trade journals, people are talking about how things are happening in German cinema. We want to tap this trend and present extraordinary films in which different styles are explored in new ways,” Linda Söffker remarks about the selection to date. “Things will be magical, lively, sad, even gory and emotionally hard, but also fun and entertaining: It’s playtime!”

David Scheller, Oona von Maydell, Daniel Fripan uand Pit Bukowski in The Bunker by Nikias Chryssos

Several directors in the programme have crossed a variety of genres in their works. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, they combine elements from different kinds of films to create a new style.

Nikias Chryssos’ first full-length feature, Der Bunker (The Bunker, prod: Kataskop Film, Heidelberg; co-prod: Geißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Cologne), creates a world of its own, somewhere between an absurd comedy, a horror film, a melodrama and a B movie. Jakob M. Erwa’s HomeSick (prod: Mojo:pictures Jakob M. Erwa Filmproduktion, Berlin), the second full-length feature in the programme, combines, among other things, some of the elements of a thriller with impressionistic arthouse cinema. And Michael Krummenacher’s second full-length film, Sibylle (Like a Cast Shadow, prod: Passanten Filmproduktion, Munich; co-prods: BR and HFF, both Munich), is a mix of drama, mystery, psychological thriller and horror film. All three movies revolve around (at least) one psychotic character who, as a result of paternal severity, discipline, fear or the pressure to achieve, makes those around them miserable – until more-or-less ordinary family life escalates into a horror trip.

In her directorial debut, Im Spinnwebhaus (Spiderwebhouse, prod: Tellux Film, Stuttgart; co-prod: SWR, Baden-Baden) Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt also quite cleverly bridges very different poles. She turns a social drama into a modern, black-and-white fairy-tale that hovers on the line between reality and childlike fantasy. A single mother (Sylvie Testud) who fails to live up to the role model of a loving and caring mother, and so disappears for a time, triggers a tale about the strong bond that develops between her three left-behind children.

In two Perspektive films, Anne Ratte-Polle plays title roles. First she is Sibylle (see above), and then she is Wanja in Carolina Hellsgård’s first full-length feature of the same name. In Wanja (prod: Flickfilm, Berlin; co-prod: Storytellers, Hamburg), Ratte-Polle plays a 40-year-old woman who after years in prison is suddenly thrown back into life and then – far removed from crime and drugs – seeks a new life for herself. Carolina Hellsgård has presented her short films at many international festivals, where they have won a number of prizes as well. Wanja is her full-length feature debut.

Two remarkable, medium-length films have also been invited: Anatol Schuster’s Ein idealer Ort (A Perfect Place, prod: WirFilm, Munich; co-prod: HFF, Munich) and I Remember (prod: Trimaphilm, Munich; co-prod: HFF, Munich) by Janna Ji Wonders. Anatol Schuster’s graduation film examines how places and spaces have lives of their own. This is a topic that pervades many of the invited films and is often reflected in their titles (The Bunker, Spiderwebhouse, HomeSick, A Perfect Place). Musician and filmmaker Janni Ji Wonders found inspiration for her film in both a short story written by Zoran Drvenkar and a piece by singer-songwriter Boo Hewerdine, titled “I remember”. She has relocated the song’s nostalgic atmosphere to Bolinas and Bodega Bay, the costal towns in California where she grew up.

The complete Perspektive Deutsches Kino programme will be announced in January.

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December 10, 2014

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