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Berlinale Talk: Marie Bäumer und Bettina Blümner

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Abendlicher Talk mit Gästen der Berlinale

At the end of the 65th Berlinale, host Ute Soldierer meets actor Marie Bäumer and director Bettina Blümner for a discussion of their work as members of the jury. Marie Bäumer is one of Germany's best-known actors and one of the few to succeed on the international stage. And she is this year's Jury President for the 'FGYO-Award Dialogue en perspective', sponsored by the French-German Youth Office. Bettina Blümner is a director and screenwriter. She won the 'FGYO-Award Dialogue en perspective' for her film Pool of Princesses at the 2007 Berlinale. This year, she is on the jury for the Generation Kplus competition.

Marie Bäumer, actor
Bettina Blümer, director
Host: Ute Soldierer

2015, 60 min