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Im Gespräch mit Dominik Graf

Interview format Deutschlandradio Kultur

Interviewreihe von Deutschlandradio Kultur

Deutschlandradio Kultur records its ‘Im Gespräch’ ('In Discussion') programme with director Dominik Graf in front of a live audience. The director has been presenting his work at the Berlinale for many years, including the screening of his historical drama Beloved Sisters in the Competition in 2014. His work Was heißt hier Ende? Der Filmkritiker Michael Althen is now being presented in the Forum. A portrait of Michael Althen, who died in May 2011, the film shines a light on his influence on filmmakers and cinema-goers. 'Im Gespräch' is broadcast Monday to Friday between 9am and 10am on Deutschlandradio Kultur.

2015, 60 min