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Berlinale Open House

Between Event Cinema and Mobile Entertainment: the Cinema Screens of the 21st Century

Panel discussion on the exploration of new spaces for film

Gesprächsrunde über die Erschließung neuer Räume für den Kinofilm

The auditorium or the sofa at home are both no longer the only spaces to experience film. Flat-rate internet and mobile devices make it possible to have film 'to go'. Self-driving cars which turn into mobile in-car cinemas are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Both the film and automobile industries are being equally affected by the digital revolution. Will entertainment anytime and anywhere dismantle the necessity of dedicated spaces? Happening alongside such individualisation via the constant availability of media, initiatives are blooming across the world for experimental, experience-orientated film screenings which have the character of an event. The desire for a communal and deliberately cinematic experience remains as before and is seeking out new spaces. In the era of video-on-demand, what are the challenges the film industry must face? Jack Howard from the Berlin Film Society, Ben Kubota, co-founder of Moviepilot Berlin/Los Angeles, futurologist Corinna Mühlhausen and Peter Blum, Head of Vehicle Application at AUDI AG, speak about the new significance of event cinema, big screens and drive-in cinemas and the possibility – in theory at least – of simply switching off.

2015, 60 min