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Berlinale Hinter den Kulissen: Wie funktioniert das Festival?

A look behind the scenes with special focus on technological challenges

Ein Blick auf die Technik hinter dem Kinovorhang der Berlinale

Who is behind the Berlinale? Long-standing festival staff let us take a peek behind the cinema curtain. Festival Manager Johannes Wachs, Head of Sponsorship Dagmar Forelle and expert from the Berlinale Film Office Ove Sander explain the structure of the festival year and how the Berlinale works. During the eleven days of the festival, 400 films, 300,000 tickets sold and numerous venues scattered across the capital pose a technical and logistical challenge on a scale that is extraordinary even for an international A-festival. Behind this is a technological network unique to the festival sector, which connects all the different cinema systems and provides them with the films from one central point. Hosted by Ute Soldierer.

Johannes Wachs, festival manager
Dagmar Forelle, Head of Sponsorship
Ove Sander, Film Office
Host: Ute Soldierer

2015, 60 min