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Berlinale Open House

Cars and Films - Props and Presentation

Panel discussion on Design, Dramaturgy and Future Product Placement

Gesprächsrunde über Design, Dramaturgie und zukünftiges Product Placement

More than any other product, the car is a part of narrative cinema. The car in film has a symbolic value, whether as a battleground, place for seduction, weapon or futuristic vision of transport. Films in the Berlinale such as On My Way, Boyhood and Supernova focus on the car quite simply as the place for an exchange of cultural experiences. The car can almost claim a status of its own as a hero of the big screen and, in personified form, can even compete with some acting legends. Road movie or action film? Finding the right car is only rarely decided by the art department and more usually forms a part of the preparation in the conflicting priorities of set design, directing, dramaturgy and product placement. Cooperations between filmmakers and car companies have even gone as far as to develop completely new prototypes. Host Christoph Bauer speaks with production design legend Sir Ken Adam, Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communications at AUDI AG, actor Wotan Wilke Möhring and producer Stefan Arndt about the search for a fitting car for a film.

2015, 60 min