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Berlinale Open House

Ost-West-Geschichte der Berlinale

Growth of a film festival in a divided city

Die Entstehung des Festivals in einer geteilten Stadt

This year the Berlinale can look back over a 65 year history. Film publicist and director of the DEFA Foundation Ralf Schenk, writer and journalist Regine Sylvester and film director Rainer Simon, who won the Golden Bear for The Woman and the Stranger, range through the East-West history of the Berlin International Film Festival. After several years of mutual suspicion, 1975 saw the first DEFA film screening at the Berlinale whilst the tense departure of the Communist delegation in 1979 remains unforgotten. Special attention will be paid to the topics and challenges of the Festival following the German reunification. The 40th Berlinale in 1990 saw the first screenings in cinemas in the former East of the city and the programme featured numerous films banned in the GDR and Soviet Union.

Ralf Schenk, DEFA Foundation
Regine Sylvester, writer and journalist in the GDR
Rainer Simon, winner of the Golden Bear for The Woman and the Stranger
Host: Ute Soldierer

2015, 60 min