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Berlinale Open House


Berlinale NATIVe hosts a storytelling-slam with invited storytellers and open mike

Berlinale NATIVe lädt zum Storytelling-Slam mit geladenen Rednern und offener Bühne

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The NATIVe – A Journey Into Indigenous Cinema special series is devoting itself during the 65th Berlinale to cinematic narratives from indigenous people with a regional focus on Latin America. Indigenous storytellers have been masters of the oral tradition and guardians of knowledge since time immemorial who still to this day have the power to affect people through the spoken word. Indigenous cinematic storytelling builds upon these foundations. At the Berlinale Open House Storytelling-Slam, international narrative artists share their stories in their most original and personal form. After the professionals get the evening started, the stage is thrown open to spontaneous contributions from members of the audience. The event is held in English and hosted by Maryanne Redpath, head of the Generation section.

2015, 90 min