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Berlinale Open House

Storytelling im Kurzfilm und in der Werbung

Storytelling in Short Films and Commercials in the Era of Mobile Media Usage

Geschichtenerzählen in Kurzfilm und Werbung in Zeiten des mobilen Medienkonsums

The consumption of media via mobile devices is increasingly transforming demands on content and formats. The winning genre in the current acceleration of pace is the short film which is gaining growing significance in both entertainment and documentary. Commercials, in contrast, appear to be the losers of our age. Advertisements as simple invitations to buy no longer function. Commercials are increasingly resembling sophisticated short films with a skilful manipulation of emotions and storytelling tailormade for specific target groups. Is the short film superseding the advert? Can short films be a communication format for companies, compatible with the language of selling? Maike Mia Höhne from Berlinale Shorts, Bettina Reinisch from international short film festival 20min|max, director Ralf Schmerberg and Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communication at AUDI AG, lead a discussion about the current trend towards short films, the paradigm shift in commercials and the art of telling exciting and contemporary stories.

2015, 60 min