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Culinary Cinema

The Art of Simplicity

A Culinary Conspiracy

Eine kulinarische Verschwörung

With Alice Waters and Massimo Bottura, hosted by Thomas Struck
In English, free entrance, registration at
Alice Waters and Massimo Bottura are food revolutionaries but from two different standpoints. Alice makes food that is simple and only prepared from good ingredients. Massimo also uses only good ingredients, but makes simple recipes complex. He challenges tradition in order to renew it. Alice calls upon people to use their buying decisions to influence the food industry. Massimo is guided by the revolutionary artist Josef Beuys and believes that art can transform and heal society.
At the end of the discussion Alice Waters will be signing copies of The Art of Simple Food (Prestel Publishing) and Massimo Bottura Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef (Phaidon Press), both manifestos for a permanent culinary (r)evolution.
Snacks from Alice Waters book by Michael Hoffmann and Ulrike Piecha.

With support from Prestel Publishing and the American Academy Berlin.

2015, 60 min