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Hybrid News: Documenting True Events

with Atsushi Funahashi, Shaibu Husseini, Marcelo Martinessi.

Documentaries are becoming increasingly popular and are reaching wider audiences via new online platforms and in the cinema. Along with the new diversity of platforms, we are witnessing the emergence of hybrid formats that not only borrow from fiction but also appropriate elements of journalism. This panel brings together three Berlinale Talents alumni, noted Nigerian film critic and journalist Shaibu Husseini, Japanese filmmaker Atsushi Funahashi (Nuclear Nation II) and Marcelo Martinessi from Paraguay (Man of the North) to consider their approaches to create stories both for the news and documentary work. Questions of access to knowledge, freedom of speech and press and the tricky issue of truth will be tackled from their different perspectives. In cooperation with Berlinale Forum.

2015, 90 min