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Little Forest

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Farm, cook, eat, live. Little Forest which was shot over the course of a year is a 4 part film of four seasons. The film follows the simple but fulfilling life of a girl who cooks delicious dishes from the food she gathers and farms nearby. At this year’s Berlinale, “Summer” and “Winter” will be screened, which covers the most beautiful contrasts of the changing nature.
Ichiko lives in Komori, a tiny village in Tohoku, North-Eastern Japan. After moving out to the city where she felt completely lost, Ichiko has now returned to her hometown. With no supermarkets or convenience stores nearby, living in Komori is like living off the land. She grows her own rice, farms, and cooks meals out of seasonal foods gathered from the neighbouring mountains and fields. In summer, malted rice cocktails. In autumn, steamed rice flavoured with mountain walnuts. In winter, warm country stews. In spring, gently fry-mixed miso with butterbur. Nature is a provider, but it can also be harsh. In the stillness of time, Ichiko rediscovers herself and recharges strength by eating delicious natural foods to keep moving forward.

After the screening menu by Michael Kempf.

Japan 2014-2015, 115 min


Junichi Mori


Ai Hashimoto
Karen Kirishima
Takahiro Miura
Mayu Matsuoka
Yoichi Nukumizu

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