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Culinary Cinema


An Omnivorous Family’s Dilemma

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This film takes place during the winter of 2013 when there was a nationwide slaughter of livestock to put a stop to the foot-and-mouth disease. Filmmaker Yun witnesses hundreds of pigs are buried alive in a neighbourhood farm. She suddenly realises that she has never seen a pig before, and decides to follow its life closely. Yun goes deep into the mountains to meet a pig farmer who raises his pigs in an old fashioned manner. As Yun observes the daily routines of the mother pig Ship-Soon and her piglet Don-Soo, she discovers new facts she has never known before… As she develops a bond with the lovely pigs and acknowledges another side of the farm and meat industry, it becomes more difficult for her to enjoy pork cutlets as she used to. And to make matters worse, her husband and young son Do-young are not making her choice of daily menus easier. As she falls into a deep dilemma, what is there in store for her now? Her awareness about eating meat begins to penetrate everyday level.

Republic of Korea (South Korea) 2014, 105 min


Yun Hwang

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