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Ben Baker is a grumpy man-child with a skewed view of the world. He prefers to spend the day high on dope on his best mate Steve's sofa. Weatherman Steve is also not adverse to the odd toke, causing his forecasts to be mostly fair to sunny. When Ben's father dies, life starts to get interesting in this buddy movie. The pair head off to the parental farm, a shining picture postcard idyll. So beautiful and clean, it brings out the goosebumps. The chaotic duo are greeted by the unbearable Angela, the deceased's considerably younger wife, and Ben's uptight sister Terry, who possesses a sharp nose for business. The strained atmosphere escalates at the reading of the will: Ben is the sole inheritor of a multi-million dollar fortune. He wants to invest the money in the founding of a 'society of unwashed free-thinkers'. Citing her brother's bipolar disorder, Terry goes to court. Multi-award-winning creator of Mad Men Matthew Weiner uses this plot to create an uninhibited, tongue-in-cheek clash of US stereotypes and lifestyles.

USA 2013, 114 min


Matthew Weiner


Owen Wilson
Zach Galifianakis
Amy Poehler
Laura Ramsey
Alana de la Garza
Joel Gretsch
Paul Schulze
Edward Herrmann
Peter Bogdanovich
David Selby

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