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NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema

Lo que lleva el río

Gone with the River

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For Dauna, life on the Orinoco delta cultivated a strong curiosity for what lay beyond the river. Her natural talent for language and learning was always nurtured by her family and Father Julio. Tarcisio, her childhood sweetheart, also patiently supports her, but doesn’t know how to deal with social pressure in the Warao community. Dauna is sure of her love for Tarcisio but fears he will succumb to what tradition dictates, thwarting her ambition for academic development. The ever-present sepia river symbolises the divergence and convergence experienced throughout the story. Exuberant cinematography accentuates this sensitive representation of culture as a live organism in need of constant evolution.

Venezuela 2014, 104 min


Mario Crespo


Yordana Medrano
Eddie Gómez
Diego Armando Salazar
Alí Bolaños
Begoña Bolaños
Teolinda Bolaños
María Guerra
Francia Torres
Tibisay Torres
Teresa Farrera