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NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema

O mestre e o Divino

The master and Divino

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Adalbert and Divino are both filmmakers in the Xavante community of Sangradouro, whose mutual affection and respect are evident despite their competitiveness and criticism of each other. Adalbert came from Germany to evangelise the population of Mato Grosso in 1957 but now disapproves of the slow dissolution of Xavante rituals. Divino, Adalbert’s former student, wonders what his future would have looked like had Adalbert not introduced him to the Super 8 camera. Despite their differences they share the same ambition – to make films about the traditions of the Xavante. This film explores their multi-faceted friendship in a torn portrayal of tradition versus modernity. It was produced by Video nas Aldeias, a now renowned pioneer project in the field of indigenous audiovisual production in Brazil.

Brazil 2013, 85 min


Tiago Campos Tôrres


Adalbert Heide
Divino Tserewahú