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NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema

Sip’ohi - El lugar del Manduré

Sip’ohi - Manduré place

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Gustavo Salvatierra returns home to Sip’ohi, in the impenetrable Chaco forest region in north-western Argentina, to capture Wichí culture and spirit through their ingrained tradition of storytelling. With great respect and from a certain distance, he approaches the bearers of local tradition – and listens. These tales and legends have an expressive strength that triggers the imagination far beyond the filmic imagery. Gustavo and his assistant Felix ponder: what is the purpose of preserving a culture? Who benefits from this, the community itself or the outside world? Sebastián Lingiardi documents Gustavo’s creative process with a calm, contemplative rhythm which mirrors the Wichí interpretation of nature and pace of life.

Argentina 2011, 66 min


Sebastián Lingiardi


Gustavo Salvatierra
Andrés Segundo
Leticia Gonzales
Félix Segundo