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Catalina y el Sol

Catalina and the Sun

Catalina und die Sonne

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According to Catalina, if you want to see things clearly you need to close your eyes. The girl wanders across vast salt lake under the blazing sun. According to her grandmother, the lake is made up of the dried tears of storytellers, for, in order for the sun to shine, a story must be sacrificed every day to the sun god Tata Inti. This is what the legend demands. Here in the highlands among llamas and cacti Catalina is especially close to the sun. Her grandmother has already handed down an incredible number of stories to her and she must remember them all because, when her grandmother dies, it will be Catalina’s turn. She is at one with the sun – and she has much to tell it.

France / Argentina / Germany 2015, 16 min


Anna Paula Hönig


Micaela Cruz
Wayra Gabriel Ayarde
Rosa Raina