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Pochemu banan ogryzayetsya

Why Banana Snarls

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It is not much fun having to spend the whole day in a banana costume. But things take a turn for the worse for this poor chap when one day he wakes up to discover he has grown a long tail. At first he tries to get rid of it. But no matter what he tries – doctors, saws, healers – nothing seems to help. He cannot hide it either. It is just too long and it is always poking out. And so he just tries to live with his tail. But before long the poor guy hast lost his job, his friends, everything. Nobody wants him. But would it not be a pity if there were no place in this world for such a kind person who is just a little bit different? An inventively quirky animation laced with black humour that pokes fun at narrow-mindedness and intolerance.

Russian Federation 2014, 10 min


Svetlana Razguliaeva