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Short Skin

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His best friend is thinking about girls day and night. His father and even his little sister are constantly talking about sex. But it is a sore point for slender Edoardo who has a delicate problem. Beset with a congenital inability to retract his foreskin, even masturbating is an excruciating experience. Edoardo is nonetheless desperate to have sex – and he is not short of opportunities. Being a sensitive, thoughtful boy, he is popular with the girls. But when it comes to the crunch time he always begs off. Terrified of having an operation, he turns instead to creams, condoms and even octopuses in an attempt to treat his condition. He finds himself on the spot when his secret love Bianca suddenly suggests they go camping. There is nothing he wants more – but their assignation is doomed to failure. Duccio Chiarini delivers a light-hearted yet candid portrait of the desires and torments of a 17-year-old who must overcome his shame to do the right thing at the right time. His film interweaves family drama with a tender summertime love story. It also provides hope that even the trickiest of problems can be solved if the chemistry is right. Love must not always be a painful affair.

Italy 2014, 86 min


Duccio Chiarini


Matteo Creatini
Francesca Agostini
Nicola Nocchi
Miriana Raschillà
Bianca Ceravolo
Bianca Nappi
Michele Crestacci
Francesco Acquaroli
Crisula Stafida
Anna Ferzetti
Lisa Granuzza di Vita

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