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Of Stains, Scrap & Tires

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Engines, axles, cylinders – the components of bliss. Whatever cannot be resold in Europe is shipped to Africa by the scrap-masters of Erzberg. Happiness is found in easily made money (seldom), the beauty of a man-made machine (rare), and in the real and imagined freedom on wheels. The audiovisual poetry of the garage, scrap parts and paintball field are accompanied by another master of cars, Bobby Sommer, reciting a poem by Bertolt Brecht about the singing cars of Steyr. While promising cars of silent ease, the advertising text does not withhold their connection to the weapon industry.
Sebastian Brameshuber was represented in the Berlinale Forum with his documentary film Und in der Mitte, da sind wir in 2014.

Austria / France 2014, 19 min


Sebastian Brameshuber