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Ein idealer Ort

A Perfect Place

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Rural life in Vorpommern is undergoing a fundamental change: the villages are dying, people are leaving, houses are standing empty. Frank's family find themselves stuck somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow. The giant pig-rearing factory recently built on the village outskirts has disconnected people both from their past and their future. The sties stink away to themselves day by day and, when the wind is in the wrong direction, the smell is almost unbearable.
As trumpeter in the local brass-band and worker at the animal sanctuary, Frank seems closely attached to the place. His teenage daughter Anna, militant animal rights campaigner and techno fan, keeps him similarly on his toes as does his mildly autistic son Otto, who constantly surprises with his special talent for drawing. Frank's wife Kathrin has, in contrast, long since bid a mental farewell to this desolate situation. A family caught between techno and brass-band music. A place caught between a nature reserve and a pig farm. A film which seeks out the extraordinary in the ordinary and unites the seemingly irreconcilable in tragicomic beauty.

Germany 2015, 40 min


Anatol Schuster


Matthias Neukirch
Jule Böwe
Raja Rexin
Lukas Kühl
Robert Schupp
Radik Golovkov
Barbara Philipp
Jürgen Hartmann
Eva-Maria Blumentrath
Sebastian und Martin Fulbrecht