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Un creux dans mon cœur

A Hole in My Heart

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Sometimes things happen that silence everything else. Nothing makes sense any more. A narrow asphalt path meanders through woods and fields. A recurring image.
It happened here somewhere. A tree and a cross, decorated with fresh flowers. Something happened here that was to change Henri’s life forever. He has been alone, everywhere, ever since – no matter whether he is with his friends, at parties or at home. Whatever happens, he is there and yet absent. But that is how he wants it. After his terrible loss he is determined never to be dependent on anyone ever again. And yet there may be a way to find solace. A film in black-and-white, accompanied by the sound of Henri’s quiet voice.

Netherlands 2015, 10 min


Mees Peijnenburg


Henri Leblanc
Leyla de Muynck
Rodrigo Vissers