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Paper Planes


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Sometimes there are moments that can change your whole life – launching one of your paper planes on a sensational flight for example. No sooner does Dylan succeed in making such a plane than he is hooked by the magic of flight and determined to take part in the Australian junior championship for distance flight. But he has a long way to go before he is ready. If he is to acquire the necessary skills he will have to train his powers of observation and his scientific curiosity, and develop an unshakable belief in his own abilities. His enthusiasm even ignites his father, who has not yet managed to get over the tragic death of Dylan’s mother. Taking part in the Australian contest means that the world championships in Tokyo also beckon – a once in a lifetime opportunity for Dylan, who has never been overseas. Before the final round he meets a Japanese girl named Kimi. With her help he manages to create the ultimate plane that gets him into the world championships and – even better – gives him the chance to see Kimi again.

Australia 2014, 97 min


Robert Connolly


Ed Oxenbould
Sam Worthington
Ena Imai
Nicholas Bakopoulos-Cooke
Julian Dennison
Deborah Mailman
Terry Norris
Peter Rowsthorn
David Wenham

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