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Feb 04, 2014:
The Berlinale mourns the loss of Miklós Jancsó

The Berlin International Film Festival mourns the master filmmaker Miklós Jancsó, one of Hungary's most noted and influential directors and screenwriters. An exponent of "New Wave" cinema, he developed his very own, recognisable cinematic style. Jancsó was closely linked with the Berlinale and was a guest of various sections. His film L'aube (Dawn) screened in Competition in 1986, and the Panorama section showed his films A zsarnok szive (The Tyrant's Heart) in 1982 and Isten hátrafelé megy (God Goes Backwards) in 1991. Kövek üzenete (Message of the Stones) screened in 1995 in the Forum, as did Nekem lámpást adott a kezembe az ur pesten (The Lord's Lantern in Budpest) in 1999. In addition, the Berlinale frequently welcomed him and his films in the Retrospective. His latest work, a short film from the episodic work Magyarország 2011 (Hungary 2011) screened at the 2012 Berlinale. On 31 January 2014, Miklós Jancsó passed away at the age of 92.