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Jan 28, 2014:
Documentaries at the Berlinale 2014

In Focus: Diverse Documentary Forms and Events

The Berlin International Film Festival has long been committed to documentaries in their diverse forms. This is reflected in the programmes of the Berlinale’s different sections and initiatives, as well in the European Film Market (EFM), Berlinale Co-Production Market, and Berlinale Talents.
In 2014, a total of 64 documentaries will be screening in a variety of forms. In addition, discussion of a wide range of different aspects related to documentaries will be intensified – at workshops, panels and presentations.

Here is a list of the films and events in 2014:

Official Film Programme 2014

Documentary forms screened in the official film programme of this year´s Berlinale can be displayed separately through a checkbox in the programme search.

European Film Market (EFM)

“Meet the Docs”

The EFM programme “Meet the Docs” will take place for the sixth time in 2014. This initiative, a co-operation with the European Documentary Network (EDN), gives the international documentary film trade a meeting point at Martin-Gropius-Bau. Accredited festival and market visitors can participate here in various panel discussions, individual meetings with international documentary film festivals, documentary film project consulting talks, and networking events.

As a central networking platform, “Meet the Docs” aims to promote exchange among buyers, sellers, directors and producers of documentaries.

“Meet the Docs” - Panel
Under the roof of “Meet the Docs”, the “Docs Spotlights” series by IDFA and DOK Leipzig present a selection of the previous documentary festival programmes at the CinemaxX.

Inside Out: The People's Art Project
Alastair Siddons
The Special Need
Carlo Zoratti | Wide House
Erwin Wagenhofer | The Match Factory
Everyday Rebellion
Arash & Arman T. Riahi | Rise and Shine World Sales
Beeban Kirdron | Dogwoof
Journey to Jah
Noël Dernesch, Moritz Springer | Rise and Shine World Sales
Song from the Forest
Michael Obert | Deckert Distribution
Mike Myers | Dogwoof
The Unknown Known
Errol Morris | HanWay Films
Ukraine is not a Brothel
Kitty Green | Cinephil

Meet the Distributors
February 8 - 11, 2.00 – 3.00 pm, EFM Lounge
Leading documentary distributors will briefly introduce themselves, their company profiles and what kind of documentaries they are looking for.

Meet the Festivals
February 8 - 11, 11.00 am – 12.00 pm at the stand #201 (MGB 2nd floor)
This session series introduces documentary film festivals, which will share their insights and insides and answer questions in one-on-one meetings directly at the Meet the Docs Stand (MGB, 2nd floor, stand#201).

Meet the Docs Talks
February 8 - 11, 5.30 – 6.00 pm at stands #200+201(MGB 2nd floor)
In collaboration with IFP & the Sundance Institute

Topics 2014:
Mapping the documentary landscapes in North America and Europe
Documentary broadcasters in North America and Europe
Documentary funds in North America and Europe
Documentary festival strategies in North America and Europe

Meet the Docs Conversations
Tuesday, February 11, 4.00 - 4.30 pm, EFM Lounge (MGB 2nd floor)
In collaboration with Visions du Réel
Creative Documentary Filmmaking in Germany
A conversation between Luciano Barisone, Director of Visions du Réel, and Sebastian Mez, German filmmaker (in English)

Wednesday, Febuary 12, 11.00 am - 12.00 pm, EFM Lounge (MGB 2nd floor)
Presence and Future of ARTE G.E.I.E
A one-on-one talk with Florian Hager - Deputy Director of Programme and Director of Programming Web + TV, ARTE G.E.I.E, hosted by Daniel Saltzwedel, Funding Consultant for Documentary Film at Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

EFM Industry Debate

Friday, February 7, 4.30 – 5.30 pm
In collaboration with The Hollywood Reporter

The Act (and Art) of the Doc
Documentary and non-fiction filmmaking is at a crossroads. While television broadcasters scale back their doc budgets, cinematic documentaries continue to enjoy critical and commercial success. While the audience for excellent non-fiction is out there, bridging the financial gap between idea and finished film has never been more difficult. Artistically, however, documentaries have arguably never been stronger. New docs – from the Oscar-nominated The Act of Killing to the ambitious 3-D project Cathedrals of Culture to U.S. studio efforts such as Chimpanzee - are pushing the artistic limits of the non-fiction form, escaping the documentary niche and appealing to a wider audience.
The event will be hosted by Scott Roxborough (The Hollywood Reporter).

Berlinale Co-Production Market

“Theme Talk“”
Monday, February 10, 2.30 – 3.30 pm, Berlin House of Representatives
Distribution, sales and production aspects in documentary

Berlinale Talents

Doc Station 2014
Ten documentary directors from four continents receive mentoring to develop their projects further during an intense week.
In cooperation with German Federal Film Board (FFA), Sources 2 and ZDF/ARTE.

Directors Doc Station 2014
Frederik Arens Grandin, The Power Of Fish Is Water, France / Germany
Universe Baldoza, Audio Perpetua, Philippines
Benoit Felici, The Real Thing, France / Italy
Salomé Lamas, El Dorado – La Rinconada, Portugal
Emanuel Licha, Hotel Machine, Germany / Canada / France
Marcelo Martinessi, Stolen Images, Paraguay / Italy
Drifa Mezenner, Drifa And The Lonely Whale, Algeria
Bao Nguyen, The Betel Begins The Conversation, Vietnam / USA
Clara Wieck, Inbetween Trees And Perspectives, Germany
Hyoe Yamamoto, Samurai And Idiots – The Olympus Affair, Japan

Mentors Doc Station 2014
Kathrin Brinkmann, ZDF/ARTE, Germany
Jakob Kirstein Høgel, New Danish Screen, Denmark
Meike Martens, Blinker Filmproduktion, Germany
Ulla Simonen, Sources 2, MADE & DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Finland
Denis Vaslin, Volya Films, Netherlands

The Doc Station projects will be presented by their creators at the Berlin House of Representatives on Wednesday, Febuary 12, 2014, 11.00 am – 12.30 pm.

Berlinale Shorts

Violence Produces Counter-Violence
Thursday, Feb. 13, 3.30 – 4.30 pm, Audi Berlinale Lounge
A talk with director Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez (Berlinale Shorts), regional leader of the Awajún indigenous people Santiago Manunin Valera from Peru, and director Fabian Daub (Rosia Montana, tbc) on the political, social and ecological impacts of depleting resources, in particular gold in the Peruvian jungle by the Canadian mining firm Candente Copper.

Culinary Cinema

“Tea Time” in the “Gropius Mirror” tent

Reality and Culinary Dreams
February 11, 4.30 pm
Guests: Roca brothers, Host: Madeleine Jakits

The Human Factor
February 12, 4.30 pm
Guests: Eric Schlosser, Diego Luna, Host: Michael Naumann

Press Office
January 28, 2014

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