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Berlinale Open House


Berlinale NATIVe hosts a storytelling-slam with invited storytellers and open mike

von Berlinale NATIVe mit Storytellern und offener Bühne für spontane Beiträge

Indigenous storytellers have always been sacred knowledge keepers, who even today have the power to shape their communities through the spoken word. Storytelling, the oral tradition, ceremonies, feasting and gift-giving were always designed to bring people together in a common understanding.
Building upon this foundation, Indigenous cinematic storytelling is indeed a great gift, a process, an impulse, a shout, a cry, a chuckle, evolving, resisting, defying, an instigator of change and illuminator of broken histories and future visions.
"The experience of gathering together in the dark with a bunch of my fellow citizens to experience intimate and epic stories in images of light is a near primal experience. It is related to the storytellers of yesterday who would thrill listeners at night by the flickering light of a fire." Tainui Stephens, filmmaker, Te Rarawa/Maori, New Zealand/Aotearoa.
The special series Berlinale NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema hosts a storytelling slam in the Audi Berlinale Lounge. After a warm-up with invited storytellers from around the world, the stage will be opened up to spontaneous contributions from the audience.
Presented by Maryanne Redpath, NATIVe Curator.
The event will take place mainly in English.

2014, 120 min