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Q&A Wettbewerbsfilm Zwischen Welten

Loretta Stern interviews "Inbetween Worlds" director Feo Aladag & team

Loretta Stern im Gespräch mit "Zwischen Welten" Regisseurin Feo Aladag & Team

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Directly after her film's premiere in the Competition, Feo Aladag, director of Zwischen Welten (Inbetween Worlds), and her cast and crew are welcomed into the Audi Berlinale Lounge by presenter Loretta Stern for a Q&A with the public.
Zwischen Welten (Inbetween Worlds) – an outpost under threat from the Taliban in Afghanistan. German commander Jesper and Afghani interpreter Tarik try to reconcile conflicts. But what place can there be for humanist ideals in the juggernaut of military bureaucracy?
The event will take place in German.

2014, 60 min