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Serienjunkies: Cineasten outen sich

With Bert Rebhandl and Jörg Strombach

Mit Bert Rebhandl und Jörg Stombach

Previously on... At the Berlinale, the number of unreported serial offenders is high, very high. It's no coincidence that this year's Berlinale Special is screening the German premiere of the opening episodes of the second season of House of Cards. This gives rise to some increasingly pressing questions: wherein lies the magic of series and what significance does this hold for the cinema? In search of clues we're taking counsel from an evening's discussion moderated by Jenni Zylka with the experts: film and series reviewer Bert Rebhandl from Cargo film magazine meets Jörg Strombach and Nils Bokelberg from Gernsehclub, the cult club for unusual series' screenings. To be continued...
A Berlinale event in cooperation with Gernsehclub and Cargo film magazine.
The event will take place in German.

2014, 45 min