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Panel discussion on AESTHETICS OF SHADOW

Experts talk about developments in lighting styles

Gespräch über filmische Lichtstile (in englischer Sprache)

The 2014 Retrospective “Aesthetics of Shadow. Lighting Styles 1915 – 1950” focuses on cinematic lighting in Japanese, American, and European films. The reciprocal influences of Hollywood films and national traditions can be seen in genres such as the street film, “jidaigeki”, and war films. But directors and cinematographers also created individual lighting concepts for stars. In addition, the key role of creative lighting can be illustrated from different thematic angles.
The point of departure for this year’s Retrospective were considerations resulting from research on Japanese film conducted by Daisuke Miyao, Associate Professor at the University of Oregon. Here, he talks with Kevin Brownlow (Photoplay Productions) and Prof. Fabienne Liptay (University of Zurich) about aesthetic and technical developments in lighting in Japan, Germany, and the U.S.
In English

2014, 60 min