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Eu nao digo adeus, digo até logo

I Don't Say Goodbye, I Say See You Soon

Ich sage nicht auf Wiedersehen, ich sage bis später

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He drives a bright red 1518 Mercedes truck. This is all the boy who lives with his mother on an impoverished country road knows about his father. Nonetheless, in his imagination he accompanies his Dad wherever he goes. The boy is thrilled one day when such a truck actually passes by, even though his mother denies it could have been his father. A few nights later the boy sees his mother dancing with the truck driver. He may be too young to understand what his mother is saying when she tells him the truth, but he’s old enough to set off on his own into the world of grown-ups. A melancholy, poetic film about the unbridled power of childish longing.

Brazil 2013, 17 min


Giuliana Monteiro


Caio Henrique Silva Pereira
Simone Iliescu