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Ryan and his mother are travelling around villages in Scotland with their small carousel. At the moment they are staying in a caravan beside a harbour. The seagulls mew and the lads hanging out on the quayside like to act tough and get up to all sorts of nonsense. Ryan’s mother wants him to make friends with the local youngsters but Ryan prefers to attend to their small business. He spends his time setting up and dismantling the carousel, conducting repairs and fetching water. ‘Go and do something with the lads!’ his mother urges him, time and again. At some point Ryan finally does go off and joins them mucking about in the greyish-brown winter landscape. A brave leap into the pool by a waterfall earns him respect. But then something goes terribly wrong.

United Kingdom 2014, 14 min


Martin Smith


Mikey Hoc
Kathleen McDermott
Connor Hamilton
Mark Woolner
Ali McBride