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An experimental study in black-and-white comprising a fast-paced montage of hand-drawn images. Bright dots on a dark background come into view. A skyscraper, a dog, a brain. The dog appears in a cartwheel. Brains with bar codes hover in front of skyscrapers. A hand holding a gun becomes visible in a spider’s web. A radiant eye is shown over handwriting, signs and scribbles. The brain again. Lines that flash over and over. And back to the dots. Ants, tortoises and pigs all form a pyramid. Mathematical formulae, sketches and lines appear on blackboards. A trumpet sounds, then there is a brainwash. A gecko, a chicken and a mouse pop up. Then the flashing lines. The pace increases and, at the end, a huge mountain of rubbish materialises. All this is accompanied by a modern noise-based soundtrack. The film’s director was inspired to make this work by the philosophies of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari during the French student movement of the sixties.

Japan 2013, 6 min


Masahiro Ohsuka