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Beyond Beyond

Johan und der Federkönig

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Johan, a little hare, wants his mother back. Every day he sends her wistful messages in a bottle. He lives with his father on a cutter on the high seas which his dad believes is the only place they are safe from the powerful Feather King who one night stole away Johan's mother. One day his father has to leave the boat. While he's away, Johan receives an emergency call on the radio: the Feather King is around and up to no good. Without missing a beat, Johan heads for the unknown destination hoping that he might find his mother there. His turbulent journey leads this naïve yet intrepid hare into the fantastical realm of the Feather King where other laws hold sway – laws that even its ruler cannot determine.
Esben Toft Jacobsen’s elaborate animation is a highly inventive blend of animal fables and the myths surrounding the realm of the dead. Following the screening of his animations Having a Brother (2007) and The Great Bear (2011) in the Generation section, the filmmaker returns to the Berlinale with this 3D family adventure which tells a profound tale of love and loss.

Sweden / Denmark 2014, 78 min


Esben Toft Jacobsen

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