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Midden in de Winternacht

A Christmoose Story

Mitten in der Winternacht

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Now that’s a fine mess! A talking moose has just landed in Max’s barn and it seems that Santa has also crashed somewhere in the winter scenery. Why on earth does this have to happen now of all times, when Christmas is just around the corner and there are so many presents to deliver? Max’s clever sister, his anxious mother and determined grandmother all have to help to save the holy celebration. But they can’t fly anywhere without the indispensable stardust, and there’s none to be found. A neighbour who has set his mind on killing the elk is suspected of being responsible for the missing stardust. And then there’s Santa who is very much the worse for wear; he needs rescuing from the secure unit of a lunatic asylum because he’s been insisting that he delivers presents down chimneys. At the core of this adaptation of Andreas Stenhöfel’s novel ‘Es ist ein Elch entsprungen’ is the touching friendship between the solitary Max and the quirky elk. The boy keenly feels the separation from his father, but his animal friend is able to console him. You can hardly wait for the elk to switch on his turbo drive and for the pair to take off together.

Netherlands / Sweden / Belgium 2013, 85 min


Lourens Blok


Jeroen van Koningsbrugge
Jelka van Houten
Derek de Lint
Dennis Reinsma

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