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Fernando Que Ganhou Um Pássaro do Mar

Fernando Who Received A Bird From The Sea

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A simple Portuguese-Brazilian song. Fernando spends his time in Porto in the neighborhood of Fontainhas between a small house and a local café. A parrot reaches him from Brazil, which evokes paradise in his imagination. This gives rise to a Portuguese-Brazilian correspondence. A game of mirrorings develops over the exchange of letters between the two friends, in which ideas of each other’s country are reflected.

Felipe Bragança, born in 1980 in Rio de Janeiro, and Helvécio Marins Jr., born in 1973 in Belo Horizonte, both live and work in Brazil.

Portugal / Brazil 2013, 20 min


Felipe Bragança, Helvécio Marins Jr.


Fernando Bigodes
Ash Ashaninka
Nicolas Bartolo
Maria Thereza Mello
Alfredo Rodrigues