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Culinary Cinema

Le Semeur

The Sower

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A portrait of artist and seed producer Patrice Fortier, who dedicates his passion and expertise to preserving plant biodiversity.
Patrice likes beets, especially hardy varieties which can stand up to a strong wind. He admires independence in a plant. He tends his carrots with the same patience and meticulousness he dedicates to harvesting seeds from his squash. Sometimes, he dreams about a certain cherry tree whose genetic legacy he wants to preserve and spread. Not to mention his pride in his Polish rutabagas. Patrice Fortier isn’t crazy, he’s just seriously passionate about his work. Living on his company farm, La société des plantes, in the Kamouraska Valley, he is preserving and propagating rare and forgotten seeds in order to restore vitality and variety to our agricultural heritage. Directed by Julie Perron with uncommon elegance and assurance, Le Semeur gives us a fascinating taste of Fortier’s intensely lived days.

Canada 2013, 77 min


Julie Perron


Patrice Fortier

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