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Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Dec 14, 2012:
The Berlinale and the French-German Youth Office Present the Seven-Member Jury of the “FGYO-Prize Dialogue en perspective”

For the tenth time, the Berlin International Film Festival and the French-German Youth Office (FGYO), an official partner of the Berlinale, are giving young film-lovers the chance to award the “FGYO-Prize Dialogue en perspective”.

Seven cineastes, who will be able to experience the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival first-hand as jury members, have been selected – three Germans, three French and one Portuguese. On February 16th, during the ceremony for the independent jury prizes, they will present the “FGYO-Prize Dialogue en perspective”, for the first time endowed with 5.000€, to their favourite film in the Berlinale section Perspektive Deutsches Kino.

The application procedure included writing a review of Christian Petzold’s film Barbara (2012) or of Yasemin Samdereli’s film Almanya – Willkommen in Deutschland (2011). Candidates were asked to comment on the international role of German film, explain their personal film preferences and describe their own cultural engagement. Since 2010, a jury member from a third country is taking part – this time from Portugal.

When choosing the winner of the “FGYO-Award Dialogue en perspective”, jurors will evaluate the latest German films from a young German-French perspective.

In February 2013, jurors for the “FGYO-Award Dialogue en perspective” will be:

Clara Chapus, 23, Reims, is a student of cinematographic studies
Florian Targa, 26, Paris, has got a degree in comparative political studies and works as freelance journalist for “La Gazette de Berlin”
Théophile Fourcart, 21, Dernaville (Picardie), is a student of binational French-German political sciences
Tatiana Ilona Braun, 28, Karlsruhe, is French-German and studies media sciences as well as information and communication
Johannes Lehnen, 19, Mayence, is pupil, cineaste, screenwriter, director and producer: Night and Coccodrillo
Regina Karl, 27, Bamberg, wrote a thesis entitled “La main dans la littérature, l’art et le cinéma” and is author and translator of numerous publications
Jorge Henrique Viera Rodrigues, 22, Lisbon, does a Masters in communication sciences and is an Erasmus student at the University Paris 8

The jury is chaired by German-French-Iranian director Emily Atef: “I’m looking forward to watching the movies of new talented filmmakers with young cineastes who are not experts”, commented Emily Atef on the task facing her as president of the French-German jury. “I find the idea of discussing film – its aesthetics, dramaturgy and acting – from the perspective of two cultures that I feel very close to really exciting.”

For the French-German Youth Office, the aim of the “FGYO-Award Dialogue en perspective” is to promote an intercultural dialogue between young German and French audiences, and inspire interest for German film. The prize will be awarded to a film that appeals equally to critical young people of different cultural backgrounds. In 2012, the film This Ain’t California by Marten Persiel won the award. In previous editions of the festival, the “FGYO-Award Dialogue en perspective” was awarded to films such as Florian Schewe‘s Lebendkontrolle (2010) and Dirk Lütter‘s Die Ausbildung (2011).

Press Office
December 14, 2012

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