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Festival Poster for the Berlinale 2013

The 63rd Berlin International Film Festival took place from February 7 to 17, 2013. Since mid-January, the poster for the Berlinale 2013 had been displayed around the Potsdamer Platz and all over Berlin. The poster’s motif also appeared on many of the Festival’s publications.

“The poster for the Berlinale 2013 will again add a bright note to the city’s winter landscape and set the mood for the Festival. The Berlinale Bear has no time to sleep in winter,” said Festival Director Dieter Kosslick.

“The Berlinale Bear is an eye-catcher and an incredibly strong symbol. Even if it is not completely visible, it is recognizable. And the use of many colours underscores the Berlinale’s vibrant image,” states BOROS, the agency designing the artwork for the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival.