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Forum Expanded

Panel: Working Title: New Perspectives on Film and Art Funding

Over its first 8 years, Forum Expanded has shown that concepts such as “experimental film,” “independent film,” “artists film,” “art film,” or “gallery film” are simply not sufficient when it comes to describing the new, increasingly open approaches to film and video production beyond the basic film-art dichotomy. Whether single screen projections or installations, contemporary cinematic works discover radical new paths for creating critical aesthetic languages. Yet the institutional framework is
still split. New funding ideas are needed to support artists and filmmakers who take risks by working in a field that largely remains undefined.

Panelists: Caroline Kirberg (jucca film, Berlin), Olivier Marboeuf (Khiasma, Les Lilas, Paris), Lior Shamriz (Berlin, Forum Expanded 2010&2013), Tine Fisher (CPH DOX, Copenhagen), Susanne Schmitt (MEDIA Antenne Berlin-Brandenburg) Teresa Höfert de Turegano (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg), Stefanie
Schulte Strathaus (Forum Expanded curator, Berlin)

Moderator: Nanna Heidenreich (Forum Expanded, curator)

Organized in cooperation with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and MEDIA Antenne Berlin-Brandenburg​

0, 120 min


Tine Fischer, Teresa Hoefert de Turegano, Caroline Kirberg, Olivier Marbouef, Susanne Schmitt, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Lior Shamriz, Moderation: Nanna Heidenreich