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Forum Expanded

Panel: Moving in Formation

How is the social body choreographed? What forms the link between the subject and the collective? If it is history, the idea of a past as it is conceived by and in the present, then what role does the writing and the arranging of history as such play? How are bodies conceived by history and its reenactments? How does ideology perform both public space and the body of the masses in this space? Ala Younis’s “tin soldiers” project, Marta Popivoda’s film Yugoslavia – How ideology moved our collective body, as well as the book Public Sphere by Performance, and Sandy Amerio’s film Dragooned serve as exemplary cases to discuss these questions.

Panelists: Ala Younis (Amman, Jordan, artist, writer and curator), Sandy Amerio (Paris, Forum Expanded 2013), Ana Vujanović (Belgrade/Berlin/Paris, Forum Expanded 2013), Marta Popivoda (Belgrade/Berlin, Forum Expanded 2013)

Moderator: Marcel Schwierin (curator, Berlin) ​

0, 120 min


Sandy Amerio, Marta Popivoda, Ana Vujanovic, Ala Younis, Moderation: Marcel Schwierin