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Homage to Claude Lanzmann

Claude Lanzmann in conversation with Ulrich Gregor (In French with English Translation)

Claude Lanzmann im Gespräch mit Ulrich Gregor (Französisch mit englischer Übersetzung)

French director Claude Lanzmann is one of the greatest documentarians of the genocide of Europe’s Jews. And, as the 87-year old director revealed in his much-lauded autobiography, he is himself also a witness to 20th century history. He has been a fighter in the communist resistance to the Nazis, a journalist, and a friend of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. Even today, he remains the publisher of France’s best-known philosophy magazine, "Les Temps Modernes" and a formidable figure. His nine-and-a-half hour documentary SHOAH (France 1985) has gone down in film history as an unparalleled masterpiece of commemorative culture.
The 63rd Berlin International Film Festival Homage is dedicated to French director and producer Claude Lanzmann and he will be presented with an Honorary Golden Bear for his life’s work.

In French with English Translation

2013, 60 min